Witch Finger Grapes, At Sprouts

Sprouts Market is bringin’ it. Well, at least when it comes to grapes. Recently I stumbled upon witch finger grapes.  You can see why their called that from the picture.grapes2

Pretty crazy looking right? These little ladies are sweet, with great texture and have a wonderful shape. New shapes help easily spruce up a salad or cheese platter. Witch fingers have got everything that fits my parameters for purchase, especially their interest factor and high rating on the cute-ability scale. I put them on this kick ass salad but they can easily be given to hungry little hands as a snack.grapes

This salad was a roasted squash soaked with vinaigrette and topped with the main salad. Marinated zucchini noodles with toasted squash seeds, apple, feta, herbs. The squash added an entertaining component of dipping into the flesh as you dig in. Along with those fun witch finger grapes.

Using the seeds from the squash was a good move. The salad needed a toasted nut component, and these are a fun and frugal way to get that needed crunch. They are separated, boiled, tossed in seasoning and oil, then slowly roasted. The seasoning can be anything, just as long as there is salt. Even just salt would be fine.