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Dinner Parties

“We recently had the pleasure of having Chef Joshua cook a romantic dinner for the two of us.   After giving him an idea of our favorite foods, he created a delicious and imaginative menu for a five course dinner.  The food was not only fresh and wonderfully flavorful, but his sourcing of local, organic ingredients was especially thoughtful and made everything extra special.

Joshua freshly prepared and cooked right in front of us, explaining as he went along.   His bright personality and easy-going attitude coupled with years of experience made for an all-around tremendous experience.  You could truly tell he loved what he was doing and it showed in the food.

We really can’t say enough about that dinner – which easily ranks as our best ever.   We would highly recommend Joshua for any special occasion.”

-Dave and Staci

Cooking Classes

“I met Josh through a colleague of mine who was raving about having restaurant quality meals cooked right in her home for a song. So I hired him. Josh is one of those rare chefs who can make a dish taste better than you think it should taste – given what it is. In my experience, eating at some of the best restaurants around San Francisco (and elsewhere), this is not as common a talent as one might think. The best part, with Josh, is that he’ll gladly teach you how to do it, too. In fact, he has a gift for teaching in general and also happens to be a really really nice guy. So my father and I hired him a few times to teach us certain dishes. It was a blast. We’ve also recommended him for dinner parties and the hosts were absolutely delighted with how it turned out. It seems this one man show can do no wrong.”


“I was immediately struck Josh’s natural ability to entertain and put everyone at ease while he effortlessly prepared several dishes at once –all the while sharing his cooking tips and philosophy of food and good times being necessary ingredients for life.  At the end of the first class, when I finally got to sample what he was making, I knew I had encountered a world-class talent.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to try out many of Josh’s own creations, and each dish he comes up with has a uniqueness to it that is difficult to describe. From his mind-blowing Cassoulet to his BBQ Pork Burritos, there has never been something that doesn’t leave you with a warm, happy, incredibly satisfied feeling…a rather impressive feat in my mind.  Josh’s focus on healthy eating has also been a particular interest for me, as I’ve come to learn you don’t need to give up taste to enjoy a healthy diet.  In fact, you don’t need to give up anything…except for the idea that any old chef can do what Josh does.  Because few, if any, can.”