About Me

I graduated from culinary school in 1998 and have worked professionally since 1997. While working at Hornblower Cruises and Events I was able to hone my catering skills which have been an essential part of my personal chef business. My fine dining credits come from two established San Diego classics: Le Fountainbleu at the renowned Westgate Hotel, and the Bradley-Ogden-inspired menus of Bertrand at Mr. A’s.  I’ve been a personal chef since 2002 and am still loving it.

I’m a fifth generation San Diegan and spent five years in the San Francisco Bay area. I truly love everything San Diego has to offer and I’ve enjoyed watching it’s food culture grow year by year.  I’ve always loved my job; but when I’m not doing that, I’m with family and friends eating, drinking and being merry…usually outside somewhere.

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