Vegetarian Italian

As eclectic as I like to roll, I always appreciate a request to stick to a specific cuisine.  In this case, Italian…well, vegetarian Italian.  Cooking vegetarian is always a pleasure; most of my normal creativity is based around earth bound procurement. It also relieves me of the pressure to present meat as a necessary perception of value.

As per usual, favorites of the night morphed and changed as the dinner meandered along. It was a great group of Italian travel enthusiasts that were fired up about good wine and everything Italy has to offer. I presented a multi-course dinner of vegetarian Italian swerve that highlighted farmers market produce.

Seared figs and homemade ricotta on crostini
Lamb stuffed and grilled sweet peppers
Taleggio, walnut and pecan stuffed grilled zucchini

-Italian farmers salad- artichoke, gold Chioggia beets, Cerignola olives, pickled red onion and cucumber, roasted eggplant, herbs, shaved fennel and artichoke vinaigrette
-Pear and chestnut soup with tallegio stuffed baby pear
-Cannellini and kale salad with whole pesto ( torn basil, minced garlic, roasted pistachios, shaved reggiano and extra virgin olive oil
-Butter roasted Cipollini onions and brussels with butternut “ravioli” with mushrooms and porcini sauce
-Fresh made spaghetti with chunky/fresh arrabiata
-Tiramisu (requested)

*As usual, there was an absence of pictures but I assure you, everything was just lovely.  To assure the meat eaters out there that I actually do get fired up for meat, here is a picture of my favorite meat dish this year.  

Surf ‘n Turf- Roasted salmon with steak tartare, corn riddled mashed potatoes and dijon bearnaise.  Flavor was off the charts.