Not a kumquat, no. Larger and sweeter, the Mandarinquat is a lovely little fruit gem that can be utilized many different ways. As you can see, just in hand as a raw snack is easy, novel and tasty.

The size of an oblong golf ball, they are a perfect snack size to appreciate as a parent. Throwing them in a school lunch takes up less room than an orange and since they are eaten whole, there is no prep involved. But my kids like kumquats, so this one is a no brainer. I’m sure many kids don’t appreciate the sour complexity of a kumquat. Unless they steal it off a neighbor’s tree. Then that sweetness always comes out :-)

As it so often does; the process of my dinners reveal a culinary gift that wouldn’t fruit* without the lack of a shopping list.  What I mistakenly called Tangiquats are actually called Mandarinquats.  A sweet little citrus you’ll enjoy, even and especially if you like kumquats.  I used thin slices and baked ’em on top of a chocolate torte.  Used the zest in a stuffed strawberry and ate ’em whole.  Very exciting little fruit with a great sweetness and wonderful flavor.  Here is everything else you’d like to know about them…Specialty Produce.  

As with any citrus that has a sweeter skin, if raw isn’t your thing, cook them. Slice them up and put into a pot with simple syrup to poach. Add other flavor or don’t, but peppercorns, herbs and Mediterranean spices all complement this fruit. After the slices have softened, use them for a salad, dessert or as a topping for fancy cheese, fish and pork. Just as long as it tastes good on its own, it’s a perfect accoutrement.


*Punny. And punny is funny, whether intended or not.