Chicken of The Woods


Beautiful isn’t it?  Chicken of the woods is a farmers market find that I picked up as an interesting new toy for a party.  I was really excited for this mushroom but it was still a known unknown.  I quickly sauteed a little up to taste test before it was committed to a dish.  Oh man, so bad; tasted and felt like wet like wood. No worries, a little broth and browning should help it find its way.  Alas, it did not find its way.  Tried it again a few days later; same thing.  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…buy this mushroom. I don’t remember ever being this disappointed with an ingredient, ever.

Now, I realize there could be a serious “user error” issue going on here. But I’m extremely comfortable with all mushrooms and how to make them delicious. I didn’t go the full nine with shallots, sherry, garlic and whatever. But I shouldn’t have to, just to obtain a decent baseline flavor.

Don’t confuse Chicken of the Woods with Hen of the Woods.  Hen of the woods is friggin’ fantastic and one of my favorite mushrooms.  Side note:  Hen of the Woods are one of the only mushrooms readily available with any real nutritive value, so eat ’em up.  Ohm!