The Gift of Giving

Had my uncle over for a birthday dinner and ended up blowing my own mind.

The Unc

Uncle John has had my food countless times, just never in the multi-coursed style I do for work. Hell…I’ve never had it! I mean…I taste as I go, I cook all the time at home or for family but, I’ve just never been able to sit and enjoy the composed finished product as it is intended to be eaten. Same for my wife, bless her heart. She hears the details of the nights events with nary a crumb to speak of as her own.

Eating my own food?

Sat down to my own wine dinner in “07, but that was different. Not being wine focused or planned allows a sense of freedom that feels relaxing. Speaking of relaxing; this marks the first dinner of this magnitude I’ve done while riding the sweet, sweet wave of a consistently filled vodka tonic, gigitty. Please keep in mind that I dropped the garnish ball on a few courses because of drinking, socializing, enjoying myself, parenting and keeping things relatively clean. Here is a quick run through of what we had and how it went down, please ignore the order.