Turn Off Your Mind…

laurel ice cream
Laurel Ice Cream/Macadamia Shortbread/Berries
Peeled and Dressed Baby Tomatoes/Fresh Ricotta/Pickled Yellow Cucumber

…Relax, and float down stream. I always liked a version the said “Turn On Your Mind.”

A romantic dinner for two recently in Rancho Santa Fe was just lovely.  It was a staycation at home, for two people smart enough to actually set the weekend aside for themselves.  Taking some time to just relax at home, enjoy their home, and enjoy each other. Doesn’t that sound nice…I love marriage.  I’m always elated to cook for people that recognize the need to slow down and enjoy each other.

After the hors d’oeuvres and the first course, I can always feel the energy mellow down into satisfaction and relaxation. A result of good food and a situation handled. A contented vibe melts through the air while they sit back and enjoy what little gastronomic surprise comes next.