Lemon Vodka Update

A quick update on the aforementioned lemon vodka / limoncello.

Day 1

Our plan was to let the peels sit for several days, but after 24 hours it tasted delicious. Nice refreshing lemon flavor and a nice light-yellow color to boot.
But…since we had a plan, we pushed on for another 24 hours and let it sit.
What we ended up with was an awesome all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, lemon oil solvent. Oh bugger.
It was really bright yellow, and you could see the oil separate from the vodka.
So, like the genius I am, we combined the beautiful product that sat for one day with the pledge smelling solvent of the second day and made a whole gallon of Ohmygodthatsnasty* lemon vodka.
We’ve had an interesting time making it into cocktails. It tastes like why prohibition was started. Just this back-room, prohibition era, forgotten swill.  It did leave the counters clean when I wiped it up after a spill; plus it smelled like pledge so everything smelled clean and free of dust. It did however taste pretty good in a Bloody Mary and yes, we will be doing this again, now that we know the proper timeline.
Happy Summer
*Trademarked word