Fresh Flavor Is a Priority

Recently I prepared a big family style buffet with an abundance of fresh flavor for a happy family from Austin, Texas. For two hours, they enjoyed all the bounty the American Mediterranean has to offer. My wife and I honeymooned in Greece, and I’ll never forget the dry desert breeze against the tempestuous ocean. I felt at home in Greece because its weather was very much like our own local deserts. Where growing up, my family vacationed often. So, I often refer to San Diego as the American Mediterranean because our irrigated desert has an almost continuous dry breeze that can put you in vacation mode faster than you can say Margarita.


Butter browned brussels with rhubarb and sweet onion
Pickled Guaco Taco
Duck breast wrapped cotton candy grape with chile arbol and cinnamon    

Grilled prime tri-tip
Seared yellowtail with grilled shrimp and soy dipping sauce 
Artichoke mashed potatoes
Blackened chile corn and fresh fava beans
Grilled purple cauliflower and peeled broccolini stems
Marinated kale and celery root salad with roasted butternut brunoise and pepitas
Tomato salad with pickled cucumber, jicama and radish
Roasted plum over white velvet cream draped butter cake

This menu is another example of the seasonal styling I articulate to present original combinations and fresh flavors that create a memorable evening. It’s a lot of work to continually come up with new and inventive combinations that surprise my clients. Albeit work that I enjoy. but it certainly takes a lot of energy and the right amount of stress. to get everything balanced and properly timed out.