Birthday Party Time

A 50th birthday party, a 25th reunion and a vacationing big family BBQ were all wonderful parties this summer. Two at gorgeous Airbnb rentals and another on Mt Helix in La mesa; there was, as usual, an abundance of good laughs, great food and awesome people. This summer has me all around the county, from Chula Vista and Jamul, to The Elfin Forest in Escondido.

Celery root salad with pickled strawberries, cilantro and opal basil flowers for a party of 12
Happy 50th birthday cake

Just look at that cake. The dichotomy of enjoying the beautiful cake lit with too many candles, but also being a sinister reminder of another year of many, passing by. Lol. There is no way to stop father time, yet at least. But making the best of it certainly softens the blow. Throwing a good birthday party is a great way to gather the people that are most important to you and support who you are.

Going all around San Diego county allows me the consistent reminder of not only how many cool areas and neighborhoods there are. But also how easy it is to get around this town. The freeways are set up nicely for county travel. A birthday party in Jamul is as easy to get to as La Jolla or Chula Vista.