Chicken and Waffles Induce Severe Moans

I had a client request chicken and waffles for her husbands birthday party. It went well…

Occasionally I get to switch up my farm to table approach with specific client requests that are always a fun, welcome challenge. This evening I served the chicken and waffle with my classic pairing of fall spiced butter, fresh hot sauce and Log Cabin syrup. This was perched on an almond celery root coleslaw that brought everything together and provided freshness within the rich. I went with a Korean style fried chicken because I was curious to see how it went with the other southern style items. My opinion is that is was a sideways move, not better or worse. While the crust was not craggy, it was shatteringly crisp and retained lusciously juicy, tender meat. It was the type of plate that takes your breath away, then you have to take a moment to collect yourself.

So, so, so good

Years ago I wanted to put my spin on chicken and waffles, so I paired it with a fall spice butter, fresh made, vinegar heavy hot sauce and store bought syrup. I went with the store bought stuff for a couple reasons. The buttery richness and childhood harkening flavor was more complex than the real stuff. The real stuff is great and quite healthy…as sugar goes. But the corn syrup love presented by the good people at Conagra just hits different.