Bachelorette Parties Eating Well

Another season of fun bachelor and bachelorette parties are in full swing and life is good. These are usually fun groups that have alot on the schedule, but still want to eat well and enjoy their rental.

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Some groups have plans to go dancing, some enjoy their pool/jacuzzi while relaxing with cocktails. Others play on the beach or join me in the kitchen to pick my brain; just examples of how nice it is to enjoy your friends without the rigmarole of going out. Which with a group, can be alot: Travel and traffic, dressing up (lame if you’re in pool mode), waiting for your table or check, talking over the crowd, sitting across the table from the part of the group with the fun conversation. You know how it can be.

Or…I show up early and swirl around the kitchen for a few hours. Then present you with righteous appetizers and an expansive California fresh dinner and dessert. How do you want to Bachelorette?

One major concern for bachelorette parties are dietary restraints. There’s usually a gluten free or vegetarian in the mix, possibly a no dairy or pescatarian. It’s important to make sure those folks don’t feel left out, and to be accommodating to the group.