Vegetarian Loveliness

An entire family of vegetarians for a multicourse dinner? No problem, vegetarian loveliness is always available on my menus.


The Menu

Truffle herb “popcorn”

Pickled baby turnip with avocado “salad”

Beet stuffed with tangerine scented macadamia and topped with Korean chile p

Blue cheese and chive bread pudding stuffed mushroom

Flowering kale salad with apple, turnip, citrus, nuts and parsnip soubise

Sugar bear pumpkin soup with smokey collard greens, sumac and dill

Balls- Tiny Brussels sprouts, tiny potatoes and capers

Chile garlic broccolini with miso pearled barley risotto

Blackberry cobbler with guava crust, vanilla cream and fuyu coulis

I cooked for a vegetarian family the week after Christmas at a big ol’ rental up in the Escondido hills. This beautiful family was celebrating the patriarchs 70th birthday and they brought me in to get crazy for a night. The party was lively, the food brought the moans, and I even got the approval of the mom.

Not that moms usually dislike me. But, when she’s hard to please because she is the resident badass chef. It feels good making her smile.  As per usual, the menu is based on what is found at the market that day.  In this case, it was the Hillcrest Farmers market.  Happy New Year!