Vegetables Are Good, But…

Damn I love steak. Maybe vegetables are good because they are next to steak?fresh steak

Recently we had some friends visit their family in New Mexico where grandpa raises cattle.  For shits ‘n giggles they decided to slaughter Jo Jo the cow.  I saw the video and don’t worry; Jo Jo never saw it coming.  Cows apparently don’t have the intelligence horses do, cause the horses knew what was up.  It was interesting to see them freak out a bit while the cow was all…”whut?”

So, our dear friends came over for a wonderful dinner with slices of Jo Jo ready for the grill.  This is usually where I tell you how to grill a steak, but I already did that here.  No charcoal on hand so I just made a fire out of some pine I had from a neighbor tree we cut down last year.  In addition, the meal was capped with one of my favorite salads I like to call, Debbie’s Salad, here’s the recipe.

Romaine or spinach or both as the salad base then top with everything.
Canned sliced beets
Hard boiled eggs
Shredded cheese
Sun flower seeds
Cooked bacon
Homemade ranch dressing from the dry seasoning packet

fresh steak2