Spanish Coffee

My 30th

I had a wonderful and memorable 30th birthday. My wife and I were on our way up to Washington but we detoured into Portland to visit family. With high hopes of a debaucherous evening, we started our night off at a Portland classic, Hubers. We were taken there because I wanted to “experience” what Portland has to offer, (outside of their delicious tap water…which by the way, happens to be well water touched by the hand of our god almighty).

Enlightening Libation

At Pick and Brew, we did not go to Hubers for the turkey dinner, we went for Spanish Coffees. Spanish Coffee is a coffee libation made with elegant showmanship and and a rum punch to the face. The only reason for it to be deemed “Spanish” is the south American roots of Kaluha. It should be called “Get a Cab Coffee”, cause after it, you ain’t drivin’ nowhere.

This has been a favorite cocktail of mine since first taste and I highly recommend you make it at home. It takes some care and practice but always feel free to do it in a big metal bowl to take the stress out of it. Stress because of a flaming glass, that if not properly managed will crack and go terribly wrong. Oh…did I mention this drink gets lit on fire?

 Spanish Coffee

lime wedge
1tsp triple sec
3/4-1oz Bacardi 151
1½-2oz Kahlua
4oz fresh coffee
1-2oz lightly whipped cream
dash nutmeg

Lime the rim of the glass and dip into sugar to coat. Add the triple sec and rum and light on fire. Swirl constantly for 20 seconds or so and add the Kahlua while still swirling. Swirl another 20 seconds and hit it with coffee to douse the flames. Lightly spoon over the cream to float and garnish with nutmeg. Over ice = awesome milkshake.