New look With The New Season

Ahhhhh, the fall season is upon us and it feels gooooood. I know I’ve done a blog or two on seasonal change, but San Diego weather always finds a way of making me feel better than before. This fall I created a new look with two small changes that have nothing to do with food, or eating. I made some new business cards and am enjoying the wood look so much, I thought I’d share.

I guess it’s just in my personality to attempt originality. I don’t like following the crowd and I feel uncomfortable with trends. Ordering a stock business card is another example of it as  the thought of a basic white card makes me itch. I work for myself and mostly by myself, so I want my marketing to reflect that.

An allergic reaction to titanium  zirconium  on my wedding ring forced me into a new one. I stumbled upon this Kentucky bourbon barrel cut ring.  Still takes some getting used to because I loved my old ring, but, it’s nice to have one back on.  Three weeks without a ring feels like a piece of your hand is missing :-(   

*Update-the ring lasted a month before it broke :-| Super lame, I really loved the look.