New Apples Are All That

Perusing seasonal fruits for menu delectability just got easier. I just introduced myself to Lucy Glow and Lucy Rose apples. These new apples are all that and a bag of chips. So good, so cool, and the first colored flesh Pome I’ve ever seen. On top of the cool color, their friggin’ delicious. The glow, with the darker flesh and golden hued skin tastes and textures like the best Fuji. The Lucy Rose is like the best Honeycrisp I’ve ever had…with some heavy berry notes. Here is a lazy link for info, courtesy of Specialty Produce.

What to do with a new fruit or vegetable is always a good question. But, a lot like loquats, this new apple is best eaten cold and without preparation. Don’t over think it. Don’t try to impress anyone with your culinary prowess. These apples do the work for you. Just hand it over and let the perfect crunch, sweetness and moisture content do the heavy lifting. Whomever you give it to will be appreciative and elated. Just K.I.S.S.

If you are going to “cook” with them, I recommend still keeping them raw and trying to highlight their texture and sweetness by not cutting them too small or too thin.