Life, Death, and Moving On

“Hmmmm, what personal chef shall I get? Oh! Here’s one talking about death…perfect.”

Beat up ol’ faithful

Sometimes it’s time to move on and sometimes you should have already moved on. Such was the case in this Chef’s life. I have been cooking with the same set of $200 pans for at least 14 years. They’ve been reliable and tough, but the time has finally come to be out with the old, and in with the new.

Moving on from my old cookware was meaningful because of all the food it’s seen. But that was not the death I was speaking of in the title. We had actual death here on “the homestead.” Not my first time butchering, but it was my first time butchering chickens I raised. We altered our flock of laying hens by turning two chickens and a rooster into meat birds. Two of the chickens were no longer producing and always starting fights. The rooster, although cool, wore out his welcome and usefulness by crowing loudly, and early, every morning. Not a surprise, as that’s what roosters do, but it just wasn’t jiving with our love of sleep. We raised him from an egg, which was special and fun, but messing with mommas sleep has consequences. Plus, that’s not what the neighbors signed up for.

His name was Duck. #kidsnamingpets

Rooster is delicious, don’t let anyone tell you different. I went mostly classic on this guy with coq au vin, but slightly altered by grilling instead of pan frying. Tasted like something between rabbit and turkey…in a good way. As a Personal Chef, I wont be serving any of this to my clients, but it’s cool and interesting. Moving on from death is easier when it’s necessary, but death always stays a part of you.

Grilled and ready to braise