Jackfruit Is Amazing

With all confidence…Chef Joshua knows jack, about Jackfruit. Knowing about jackfruit is one thing. Tackling the tropical, spiky beast is another feat in itself. But it is truly amazing.

After years of seeing it at 99 Ranch, and doing my best to avoid it. I was finally beaten down by the vegetarian onslaught it’s been living at the markets. Noticed of late, and quite often, as a meat alternative for Vegans at Spouts. Recently the local market started carrying the fresh, skin-on behemoths. Purchasing one took about two weeks of walking past it and trying not to make eye contact. Then a random youtube video video scrolling across Facebook brought it all home.


Finally breaking down and buying one took some courage. Although it was thought to be ripe; (which means a lot of plump give), It was not. After cutting into it and comparing what was seen on the video, it seemed a bit dry to the touch. It’s petal like flesh did not easily separate like in the video either. However, this particular Jackfruit was ripe enough to be tasty. Maybe not ripe enough to satisfy long time eaters of the fruit, but still great. Totally tropical, pungent and complex, my kids and loved it. Pairing it with bananas was a new kind of magic and it was enjoyed in smoothies and Ice creams as well.

Next Time with My Tropical Jackfruit…

Yes, there will be a next time. We didn’t scratch the surface of what can be done with it as a non dessert food. It will be utilized on savory dishes like I see all the vegan recipes for. Maybe some Jackfruit fried rice? Definitely could have used it for this party.