Aplomb About Good Plum

Plums are good, and lemon Plums have hit the market. A bright, happy version of the classic plum; this will put a twist into any springtime fruit situation you’ve got goin’ on.

Same relative size as a red or black plum

I’m a bit of a sucker for new flashy fruits or cute veggies of unusually small size. Plum cobbler is my favorite of all fruit cobblers. Coming across this stone fruit made my dessert planning an easy decision. Ingredients like this plum are a prime example of why planning menu details can be counter productive. Planning food around known ingredients can spoil the opportunity for surprise, creation and invention. Which in turn create excitement, which triggers emotion and helps us hold onto a memory.

While the base of this recipe is old, tried, true, and simple. As with all food, it still has to be done properly. This properly cooked cobbler was course 6 of 6. Served with butter roasted, salted cashews and brown sugar/vanilla whipped cream. It was a lovely end to an awesome dinner.

Perfect cobbler waiting for 6 lucky dinner guests

Maybe as a reader there is the important question…what were the other 5 courses? Well, an aspect to a perfect dinner is mystery and intrigue. Even though my dinners are always different, there are often variations on a theme. Like mushrooms and steak with potatoes. Fish the is fresh, cooked simply but layered with complex vegetable preparations that balance and highlight. Another important key is staying connected to farmers market to keep up with seasonal magic. Coming across a couple new or sought after fruits and veggies can change the direction of the entire meal. Sparking creativity and happiness for the client and myself.