The Bounty of a Wine Pairing Dinner

The bounty of a wine paired dinner is because I have a lot of notes to hit.

Sunday was another wonderful wine pairing dinner that left 8 people very happy, a little full and perfectly faded. Those three ingredients always make for a memorable evening.


I like requests

If you don’t know me or know how I roll; I use the San Diego farmers markets to guide my menus.  Most of my parties, (especially pairing dinners) are driven by what is seasonally awesome.  I’ll get an idea of what you want–and don’t want, then I head off to the market. Once there, I pick what is interesting and/or beautiful.  The host usually has a request regarding proteins, for this party, no red meat.  I actually love dietary requests because I enjoy narrowing my scope of thought.  Sometimes I get a little twitchy if I have too many options.  

If you’re curious what I did; here is a synopsis.  Sorry I don’t have more pics, but the ones I took, just don’t do the food justice.  Maybe I need to hire a photographer.

The Business


Starting with the cherry peppers, they were stuffed with a luscious onion bread pudding and roasted. Then drizzled with praline olive oil.

Baby green tomatoes were then served. Kept whole and breaded with corn flour and ground panko, then fried in peanut oil and served with sweet jalapeno remoulade.

The corn was used for corn soup with crispy onions, oregano flowers and avocado that was pressed in sea salt and smoked paprika (Chardonnay)

corn soup

Baby turnips were braised in achiote butter with wilted spinach around pickled and seared Armenian cucumber, seared scallop and peeled white plum. (Pinot Noir)

The tomatoes were simply roasted and plated with ricotta gnocchi, sauteed shitakes and fresh thyme; topped with cinnamon and sugar broiled grouper and soy truffle broth. (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Strawberries were macerated with habanero over a fresh orange, vanilla biscuit filled with passion fruit crème fraiche. (Riesling)

No chocolate sauce, the dark is the plate design