Peruvian Scallop Ceviche “Tacos”

These scallop ceviche “tacos” originated a month or so ago at a dinner party I did for a 50th birthday.   When I got in contact with Bryan from Whissel Realty a couple days later, this delicious little creation was all I could think about.  

It was an interesting experience taping this episode of East County Eats. Although I have a hard time in front of a camera, everyone was professional, flexible and upbeat.   Thank you to Bryan, Kyle and Shasta and thank you for representing East County!


Scallop ceviche recipe

This recipe is a variation on something I used to prepare 10 years ago. A sopping, vegetable chimichurri with fresh English peas and parmesan. Everything carried atop a slice of grilled sourdough. In this iteration I use a fried potato skin to carry a filling. Using the potato is why this dish gets a Peruvian bend.

The scallop can actually be any seafood, and it doesn’t need to be marinated in citrus. A quick sauté in the pan until cooked through is enough. Continue to add chiles fresh and roasted, some corn and avocado, along with a heavy hand of chopped herbs. The vinaigrette is best with citrus and red wine vinegar, lots of olive oil and some Worcestershire. Remember, this needs to be eaten sooner, rather than later. Otherwise, the potato will soften and you’ll lose that crunch.