One Crazy Summer

produceThis summer was jam packed with work and fun.  No surprise there, since I haven’t posted anything since June :-|  But man…if I wasn’t working, I, was, runnin’!  Mostly for fun though.

My kids are coming of age to free up adventurism and boy did we get after it this summer.  With all the go, go, go- I was feeling a bit flat creatively, so I gave myself a switch up.  Rolled over to Iowa Meats and rummaged through the freezer section that is stocked with rare and interesting meats.  Came away with some lamb loin (not that rare, I know), along with some Elk and frog legs.  This summer had alot of firsts, so I thought it fitting to get after the frog legs.  Only cooked em once about 15 years ago.  Next time will be much sooner.