Old Menus Still Sound Fresh

What’s old is new, and what’s new can sound old. Reliving past menus is fun because I still stay true to form.

A Menu For Pleasure

Mulberry and brie crostini with honey, chile and savory
Blue cheese and hazelnut stuffed Khadrawy date, panko fried and lemon dressed
Grilled zucchini cups with brunoise Parmesan, bacon roasted walnuts, chive, finger lime
Chiogga beet/candy drop grapes/mache/chervil/macadamia/honey dressing
Moroccan tomato sauced chicken leg “lollipop”
Halibut ceviche/cilantro flowers/white pomegranate, over yellow fin “poke” and diced golden potato
Golden nugget squash and toasted barley risotto
Broiled sunfish/corn “cream”/green dragon apple/caramelized onion Brussels sprouts
Loquat cake/passion fruit cream/balsamic cinnamon gastrique


Ran across this 5 year old menu recently. Thought it relevant as it’s still a great representation of my food, and what you get from a party with me. Apps are playful with sweet and spicy, and there are always two proteins. It contains seasonal produce driven ideas. Original cuisine and ingredient pairings along with a new to you items. 

The “problem” with this menu is it will never be repeated. There were several ingredients that day that drove this menu in its direction. I’m not sure what their dietary preferences were, but it looks like they requested chicken and fish. Keeping every menu special and new drives my energy and focus. Without planning menus, clients are trusting me to present something they will love. I do not take that trust lightly and never will. I have enough respect for people and myself, to not let them down.

Chef Joshua