Off To A Yummy Year

It doesn’t matter how or why inspiration hits you, just as long as it does. For me, usually a little vacation gets me off to a yummy year. New ideas and experiences stoke my mental fires.

oyster with uni and salmon
Looks good don’t it?  That my friends, was a wonderful bite we had in Oakland, at a place called Hopscotch.  Oyster, uni and salmon roe; it was like taking a bite of clean, buttery ocean.  I just wanted to show that pic because it’s beautiful and it was the impetus for being off to a yummy year. What I wanted to talk about is what I found on my way to a dinner party.  Didn’t really know how to best utilize use ’em, but figuring it out is part of the fun.

What a cool little fruit, like sour lime caviar.  The pulp is separated into perfect spheres and is quite easy to remove.  I ended up making a “salsa” for some lamb meatballs, the caviar texture and look made it a great citric additive. The meatball were perfect by themselves, but that pop of citrus really brought them home.

blog lime pearlsThe one pictured has some pink rolling through but most are clear.  The skin is usable but powerful, so use with restraint. lime bag