I Wonder If this Cow Had A Lisp?

I hadn’t had cow tongue in 15 years; last time I had it I remember it being dry and minerally, neither of which I’m good with.  I’ve been telling myself to make it for years now but just never got around to it.  Had a buddy make it a few months ago, so I realized I was far past due to get after this dish.

Not using any recipe; I just treated it like a big hunk of lean meat that needed to cook a long time,  alla something you’d throw in the crockpot, but not as hot.

Surprise pleasure

How much I enjoyed this ugly nasty thing was heart warming.  It was flavorful, tender and moist…and that was just the licker.  The base of the tongue where it attaches to the activating muscles and jaw; oh man…best food surprise in a loooong time.  Mouth coating collagen love, like the best short rib you’ve ever had or imagined.

Texture of the cow tongue itself I liken to really good beef tenderloin…but unfortunately, I was in the minority.  The image and thought of it was just too much for some to overcome. It was however, completely demolished when I breaded and fried it. lol.

Initially, it was poached in a court bouillon for about 8 hrs.  After it cooled a bit, the outer skin came off easily with no skill required.  I sliced it about 1/4-1/8 inch thick and tossed it into some Moroccan sauce. We ate it as tacos because, …San Diego. Tacos are always the answer. 

cooked cow tongue
fried cow tongue