I Got a Goji Bush!

Goji or Wolfberries are one of those superfoods like Acai, Mangosteen and whatever else the dirty hippie at Whole Foods is trying to sell you on. Kidding aside, the nutritional punch these little guys pack is no joke. They are one of the most nutritionally compact single food stuffs on the planet. The berries are rich in cancer fighting antioxidants probably even Leukemia, vitamin C, carotenoids, and are complete proteins containing all nine essential amino acids. They even slow down the aging process, keeping our DNA intact longer. Originating in the Himalayas, the Chinese have eaten them for centuries. They have bitter seeds, with flesh that tastes like something between a tomato and a strawberry/cherry.

I usually buy them dried at the Asian market for around $2-$3 a pound…compared to Whole Foods $8-$16 a pound depending on sale price. I don’t don’t mean to rag on Whole Foods; they do carry quality ingredients…but sometimes they just rake you over the organic coals.

The plant itself is cute, with little bright red berries and purple and white flowers, depending on the time of year. I bought the plant cause I like planting things in my garden that serve a purpose, other then just being pretty. It surprises me how much time and energy most of us put into gardens that don’t produce any edibles.Just got home from Oregon where a ton of people are jumping on the“Urban Garden” bandwagon. People are turning their front yards into big ol‘ vegetable gardens. If you can make it pleasing to the eye…why not, right? Might as well get some food for the expense of watering and caring for a lawn and foliage. Smelly plants are cool too, I like those.

Oh yeah, Goji’s. So, I have a plant that is cute, different, grows one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, and is easy to grow…yay me!
Now you might ask yourself; “What Josh…what do you want? Why are you writing about your little plant? The easy answer is that my wife made me, ha ha…but no…really.

Cheers to sustainable, edible gardens and foliage that makes you a healthier person.

***Update.  Well, it’s been a couple years and I realized something…I’m a shitty gardener.  My bush is still alive but it hasn’t really given me anything.  Totally user error on several levels but if it weren’t for the wife, I’d probably have a dirt lot in the back yard full of all things spikey fire loving.

****Update. Well, It’s been another couple years and I’m still a shitty gardener. It’s still alive but doesn’t give much.