Hawaii With The Family In The Fall

From top left: Sapodilla, Guava, Papaya, Star and Dragon.

Why Hawaii when I live next to amazing beaches? Because my kids get two weeks off in early fall, which drives me a little nuts. Not because they’re home, but it’s a long break right as your family is hitting it’s school year stride. I’d much rather have those two weeks of extra summer break. Maybe schools did that because too many families were taking time off to go skiing? I don’t know…but I know I don’t like it. Lol.

That October break always caught us by surprise, and it took a few years to organize ourselves accordingly and actually plan something during those two weeks. Last year my wife made sure we had a plan. That plan, was Hawaii. I had never been and it’s a perfect family trip, so she booked it and it was perfect. Well…almost perfect. Like most vacations, there were obstacles to overcome. And we overcame, and it was great. New experiences in a new place is something we never get tired of.

One Island To Rule Them All

We went to Kauai and stayed in Kauai the whole week. We did our best to see everything the island had to offer, sans some of the egregiously priced tourist attractions. Our days were “organized,” as we’d wake up early, go hike somewhere rad, grab some food, hit a beach till dark and come back home for dinner and a movie. Even though we mostly ate in….

One of our many dining in evenings. The grill couldn’t get hot enough for a good sear, but it was still damn good.

we tried to eat everything and anything. I’m blessed with an adventurous family and we try to go for it on vacation. The weirder the better, especially if it has cultural significance to the region. Enter, the Hawaiian plate lunch. Affordable carb heavy meals that make the argument as the first popular fusion meal. My family had never experienced this so of course we were all in, for better or worse.

What Black Magic Is This Fruit?

Now, If you’ve been to Hawaii you already know, and I’m assuming most tropical environments are like this. But the fruit, is out of this world good. So floral and luscious, we couldn’t get enough. Not only did we try interesting fruits like Sapodilla, but we ate our way through a couple hikes that were shrouded with guava trees of varied flavor and texture. Fruits we’ve had a million times, like, papaya, mango and banana were ethereal. Star fruit actually had flavor! The star fruit was also my favorite variety of fruit, something I like to call neighbor fruit and is always on sale for five fifty free.