Halloween Kids Treats


Oooooooo, I’m gettin’ pumped.  This is a Halloween house.  Not only do we love the night of, we have a fun time with it all month.  My neighbor and I spend the entire day decorating.  Which is tiring, but totally worth it and usually kind of fun.  Not only do the kids eyes light up once we’re done, but so do the adults.  Recently I did a kids cooking class for Halloween treats.  Turned out adorable and a good time was had by all.  FYI…kids classes are exponentially harder then adult classes.  About 45 minutes into class when the sugar kicks in…oh man, look out Sally.

We Made:
Green slime
Green slime coated popcorn
Banana ghosts
Cutie pumpkins
Halloween Oreo Stuffed chocolate cupcakes
Caramel apples
Witches fingers
Zombie Twice baked potato mummiesIMG_1431IMG_1435