Foie Gras For Mothers Day

Ahhhhh, foie gras. Nothing says “I love you Mom”, like re-legalized fattened goose liver.


Seared foie gras/toasted brioche/pear and peach compote/tiny bantam egg.  Yes that egg is not a quail egg but a tiny chicken egg, from a fully grown tiny chicken.  Friends with chickens are good friends indeed and it’s always fun to bring new ingredients into peoples homes. This dish was an add on to a Mothers Day brunch I did for a lovely, awesome and entertaining San Diego family.  The menu below was highlighted by a fresh seafood pasta dish that had blue fin sashimi thrown in at the end, ohm nom nom.

French toast with Canadian syrup, butter, powdered sugar and bacon
Omelet (shaved ham/Gruyere/mushrooms/shallots/herbs)
Crepes with raspberry sauce and chantilly cream
Seared foie gras/toasted brioche/pear and peach compote/tiny chicken egg
Lobster bisque   
Potato leek soup with fresh bread              
Seafood pasta with fresh pasta
Ice cream profiteroles
Carrot cake bites
Macaroon blondies
Sundae bar

If you are in the San Diego area and looking to procure some foie; Iowa Meats and Siesel’s have it on hand for the same price as the interwebz. If you’re squeamish at the thought of it because of the “force” feeding aspect? Let me help a bit. The geese don’t care. They line up willfully like a chow line, then one by one, a farmer gently puts a funnel in the goose’s mouth/throat. They pour in a cup of grain, and send the bird on its way.chickens