East San Diego Eats Well

For most around the county, Jamul is a bit of a trek. Being in East San Diego myself, keeps me close to a burgeoning San Diego market. Great for people looking toward more affordable housing, and a bit of separation in an ever-growing city. My children’s school was recently granted farmland in Jamul to do with as we please. We are excited about the possibility of creating our own ongoing CSA for our school families. But right now we’re only getting going with about 200 pumpkins. Pumpkins are pretty easy and will produce fun results by mid October. Hopefully a productive simple crop will wet our appetites for something more complicated.

East San Diego is hot, but it’s a dry heat and usually accompanied by a breeze. The same weekend I was planting pumpkins. I also had a small family dinner party at a really amazing air bnb deep in Jamul, (pictured above). Twas a casual party with a loving family. A perfect last job before my July 4th vacation to Pismo beach. Not to get sidetracked with Pismo, but man, that was a great trip. It felt like a Mexico beach vacation. Fresh tamales, fireworks, amazing Mexican music, friendly families and great weather. Those points were all just a backdrop to a lovely week.