Coconut Water

Ever had the water from a young coconut?  This water is the most hydrating liquid on the planet with so many vitamins and nutrients, your body won’t even know what’s going on. Actually there’s more truth to that then you know, it’s also a mild diuretic on the same level as coffee. Those “symptoms” fade away as you get used to it.


I drink raw coconut water whenever I get the chance and I firmly believe the raw coconut water. Water inside the coconut is light years better then ANY packaged brand. I’ve tried them all with varying results. One thing they all have in common is they are all pasteurized. You can go ahead and wave goodbye to 50% of it’s nutritive properties right there. I WILL say; the no added sugar varieties are a wonderfully convenient substitute for the raw version. They work great for hydrating purposes.

Learn more about it

Here is a link to more of it’s nutritional content and, here’s a link to help you properly open a young coconut. When it comes to opening one. I don’t hold the coconut in my hand, but rather keep it on the cutting board. Using the heel of my knife to make 3 firm hacks about an inch and a half in diameter around the tip. To scrape out the highly nutritious meat you can search for another video. I’m just trying to let you in on the water.

If you don’t love this stuff…try it again. Btw, coconut oil is also the most versatile and beneficial oil on the planet as well. Ah, but that’s another blog for another day.