As last year wrapped up, I had the chance (with help and guidance from a friend) to slaughter and butcher my own chickens.  Well almost.  They weren’t chickens, they were roosters.  Rooster is a soup/stew bird that is a bit of a challenge to work with.  Everything about it, from the bones to the feathers was strong and tough.  Preparations for our rooster dinner(s) were long and involved but highly rewarding and economical.  2 roosters made over two nights fed 20+ people.  We went with coq au vin the first night and soup and dumplings the second.  The second night was moan inducing.

I plan on not using factory farmed meat for home and work this year.  I will set up a freezer to fill with locally raised meat in an effort to continue my own personal protest of our countries food structure.  I don’t have the time or inclination to spend my mental and physical energy toward protests and politics.  What I can do, is put my money where my mouth is.  I think us getting back to basics in terms of our food production is empirical for our happiness as a people and a planet.  Until Organic is the norm and not the exception, there is work to be done.

Found out what a craw is and does.
Poultry have a scent gland on the end of the tail that is always removed.
Rooster testicles are located up in the middle of the body; and taste delicious…just kidding.
Poultry skin lets go of the feathers in specifically 150 degree water.
Roosters are built tough.
Hanging upside down settles the bird.
Chicken feet are scaly, like a reptile.