Antelope…at Sprouts

My go to local grocery mart tends to be Sprouts. Recently I noticed they had stepped up their game meat game. Antelope, bison, lamb and wild boar, all ground and frozen. I’m loving that they give an option to the standards, antelopeespecially the boar…boar is friggin’ delicious.

I’ve been toying with game meats quite a bit the past few years.  Kangaroo is great and so are frog legs, (both found at Iowa Meats/Siesels).  Windmill Farms had some options as well.  With people looking to deviate from the mechanized meat industry, all these choices are great for the Tuesday switch up.   Although it’s great to switch it up, these meats run leaner then the normal ground round, so make sure your recipes have fat and or moisture.  That means meat loafs and balls.  Although fine when cooked in a pan like tacos, I’d rather use them for something like sloppy joes or ragout.  We had broccoli, mushroom and antelope stir-fry.  It was good, but not because, of the antelope. ;-)antelope 2


Witch Fingers

Sprouts is bringin’ it. At least when it comes to grapes. Recently I stumbled upon these lovely red grapes known as “Witch Fingers”.  grapes2

Crazy right? These little ladies are sweet, with great texture and have a wonderful shape that spruces up a salad or cheese platter. They’ve got everything that fits my parameters for purchase, especially their interest factor and high rating on the cute-ability scale. I put them on this kick ass salad but they can easily be given to hungry little hands as a snack.grapes