Nutritious Little Yums

Lol. This word has been overused but I still like it.
Cape Gooseberries
I consider a superfood to be something you can live off of. Something that is so nutritionally dense with antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and a measurable amount of complete protein, that it becomes a staple food for the inhabitants of whatever region it grows in. You don’t need a “Superfood” to get antioxidants, but antioxidant density is usually the focal point for bringing some of these foods to market. It’s what makes them super!
Some of the known and popular foods that fall under this category are goji’s, acai, kiwi, quinoa and cape gooseberries. Wait a minute; cape what? Fresh cape gooseberries have finally become available at Whole Foods over the past few years. They’ve been sold there and at other health stores for years, but typically dried, as Incan Berries…which are seriously great. Totally mellow yet complex sweetness kinda like raisin and pineapple. The fresh ones taste like kiwi. Cape Gooseberries are a member of the nightshade family and closely resemble tomatillos; other then their yellow color and diminutive size. They’re a little pricey but not because they’re hard to grow, there just isn’t enough market demand for them yet…yet :-) I just rinse ’em and eat ’em, but you can always throw them in a salad or slice in half and place on some goat cheese that’s spread over a crostini.   Btw, you need to rinse off their sticky bitter film just like you would with a tomatillo.

So, if your looking for something new in your diet, aaaaand feel like fixing a bunch of your free radicals, try these tasty little berries.

What is a Free Radical? Free radicals are atoms (usually an oxygen atom) floating around the body that have lost an electron through oxidation. These unstable atoms float through your body looking for another atom that has an outer shell that isn’t complete. The free radical then attaches to those atoms or molecules where it doesn’t belong; and when enough of them build up, you’ve started a tumor. Some free radicals don’t cause tumors, however; they will attack healthy cells and cause other ailments. Fighting free radicals is an easy answer—antioxidants.An unstable atom, by its very nature, wants to become stable. It will seek another atom to attach to so that the outer layer of electrons is complete. Luckily, antioxidants carry around an extra electron that the free radical can *weaz off of. Antioxidants will actually seek out a place to “lose” that extra electron; which is just really nice of them…very generous. We should have them over for dinner.